Regulation XLV Half Marathon of Elche

Regulation XLV Half Marathon of Elche

XLV Half Marathon International City of Elche ” Oasis Mediterráneo”

  1. The Club de Atletismo Elche Decatlón and the Hon. Elche Town Hall organize the XLV Half Marathon International City of Elche “Oasis Mediterráneo”.


  1. The race will be held on Sunday, April 2, 2017. The start will be at 10:00 am, near the Paseo de la Estación (C / Diagonal del Palau). The finish line is located on the Paseo de la Estación.
  2. In the Parque Deportiva (Paseo de la Estación) the area of ​​organization will be located, with changing rooms, showers, toilets, wardrobe, computer, press, physiotherapists and other services that could be arranged by the organization. Also, the showers of any of municipal sports facilities of the city can be used at the end of the race until 1:30 pm.
  3. Entries can be made:
  • On line: through
  • Bank transfer and fax forwarding, for which you must:
    • Fill out the registration form on and print the registration form.
    • Make entry or bank transfer, CAJAMAR 3058-2619-86-2720003518, indicating in the concept the registration reference number and the name of the participant.
    • Send the income receipt and the printed internet inscription sheet to one of these fax numbers: 902 879 540/928 400 818 (both are included in the printed sheet of the Internet itself).

To participate it is necessary to be at least 17 years old on the day of the race.

  1. Registration fee:

13 € Registration from 7 November to 25 December 2016.

15 € registrations from December 26, 2016 to February 12, 2017.

17 € registrations from February 13 to March 26, 2017 or reach the 5000 participants (whichever comes first)

After the deadline, the fee will be € 30. Entries will be closed upon reaching 5,000 participants.

* These prices do not include the Day License (3 €, compulsory) for non-federated runners (RFEA or FACV) and / or who do not have the Carnet Plus del Corredor.

The organization will donate € 1 per participant to the ANOA association.

  1. Starting gates. When filling in the registration, you must indicate the expected time to complete (please be as realistic as possible due to respect for the rest of the runners) within the timescale shown in this section. The colour of the number will indicate the assigned starting gate. If this information does not appear in the inscription, it will be automatically assigned the gate of 1h45 ‘. Colour of number: red up to 1h 15 ‘, green 1h 15’ to 1h 30 ‘, orange 1h 30’ to 1h 45 ‘and blue more than 1h 45’. Athletes of the female category who want to take the exit in the first gate must credit a mark less than 1h 30 ‘and communicate it to the organization.
  2. The homologated urban circuit of 21.097’5 m, as well as the development of the race, will be controlled by judges of the R.F.E.A. The race is included in the International Calendar of the IAAF.

The official timing system of the race will be BIB-TAG (non-returnable chip inserted in the number)

All the kilometres of the circuit will be marked, and there will be provisioning at km 5, 10, 14, 18 and finish line.

  1. The race control will be closed at kilometre points 5, 10, 15, 20, and finish line, at 35 ‘, 1h 10’, 1h 45 ‘, 2h 20’ and 2h 30 ‘, respectively. When a participant exceeds the expected closing time, it will be indicated and will be overtaken by the end-of-race vehicle, at which point the participant will leave the race, or if he continues, he must do so under his own responsibility and attending to the traffic regulations, as a normal user of the road.
  2. Not to complete the full circuit, not to carry the number well visible, fully unfolded on the chest during the whole race and without manipulating, not to cross through all the established control time posts, or to breach any other norm contemplated by the FACV, RFEA O I.A.A.F. will be disqualifying reasons.
  3. It is not allowed (in application of Art. 144 of the RIA) to run accompanied by people not participating in the same, whether they go on foot or in some type of vehicle, carrying children in arms or in strollers, run with animals, cars, etc. These prohibitions extend to the whole race and especially in the arrival to finish line, being its nonobservance reason of possible disqualification by the referee judge.
  4. Claims must be made orally to the Referee, no later than 30 minutes after the results are officially communicated. If they are rejected, a written complaint may be filed and a deposit of € 100 must be delivered to the Jury of Appeal. In case the resolution was favourable, the deposit of € 100 would be refunded. If there is no Jury of Appeal, the Judge’s decision is unappealable.
  5. The classification by teams will be determined by the sum of the times of the first four classified athletes belonging to the same club and federally licensed. The inscription by teams can be done with the form that you can download in Athletes who are not federated will not be able to team up.
  6. Every participant who obtains any of the prizes set by the organization will have to present his ID, passport or similar, prior to the collection of the same. The prizes will be taxed according to the law. In order to motivate the participation and the effort of the popular rider, 50 grants of 50 €, previously assigned, will be awarded for ranking positions (1 in every hundred).
  7. After 10 calendar days from the end of the event, the prizes not withdrawn (cash or trophy) will automatically become property of the organization.
  8. All enrolled participants will be covered by a civil liability insurance policy, as well as a sports accident insurance, which will cover damages that may occur as a direct consequence of the development of the race and never as a result of a latency illness or injury, recklessness, negligence, non-observance of the laws and of this regulation. Displacement for the race is not included. The organization will be covered by R. Civil insurance.
  9. The race will have, according to law, sanitary service with ambulances, doctors and support health personnel, as well as field hospital and bicycle support with defibrillators, which will be distributed along the circuit and in the starting-finishing line.
  10. Once the registration has been formalized, the fee will not be refunded except in the following cases: A) The non-conclusion of the race. B) Not participating in the race when the quota of participants is covered. C) Due to improper income as a result of payment errors. Claims on registrations not made and / or formalized outside the points authorized by the organization will not be accepted.
  11. The collecting of numbers and the the runners’ bag will be held at the Centro de Congresos during the Feria del Corredor on Friday, March 31 from 5:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., and on Saturday, April 1, 11:00 a.m. to 08:30 p.m.; and the day of the race until 1 hour before the start of it, inside the Parque Deportivo (100 meters from the start line). For the withdrawal of the number all the participants must present the certificate of registration or the ID, in order to minimize errors in its delivery.
  12. The participant expressly authorizes to use free of charge the data and / or images of the people participating during the race and the activities programmed by the organization of the Half Marathon of Elche. The images can be included in all types of graphic support, as well as promotional material or publicity produced and disseminated by the organization of the race, with no time limit. The data will be held by the Club Atletismo Decatlón, and may be assigned to any other sponsor of the test, with exclusively promotional and / or commercial purpose.

* In accordance with what is established in the Organic Law of December 13, 15/1999, on the protection of Personal Data, the participant has the right at any time to rectify or cancel all or part of its content; to do so, must be requested in writing.

  1. The organization reserves the right to rectify (with the approval of RFEA and FACV) any point in the present regulation if it will consider it, which would be communicated both on the website and by email.
  2. It is advisable to fill in the back of the number with the personal data, name, surname, telephone in case of emergency, if you have any medical problem (allergy, special attentions, etc.) or you are under specific treatment, as well as your blood group
  3. Registration to this race implies the acceptance of these regulations; everything not foreseen in it, will be regulated by the rules of the FACV, RFEA and IAAF. As well as everything regulated by higher authorities.